Help with making my battery

Ok, long story short is I haven’t got a clue about how many cells and how much money I should invest in my battery pack…I’ve only recently started to look into making my own e-board but I’m already stuck on the battery. I want to make a board that is able to go around 7 miles…in short I want it to be a bit better than a boosted board but have only one motor. I’ve already decided to go with the LG/HG2 batteries(10 of them) since they are 3000mAh and are high current discharge batteries at 20A continuous. Now I have a couple of questions… 1st:Whats the best configuration of these 10s,5s2p…? 2nd:Whats the best BMS for this configuration? 3rd:How much range would this give me? Thanks!

I would go at least 3p so you have 9Ah

Thats a 110wh battery you posted (10s1p) Aasuming you use around 10-15wh per km you would get around 9km

With a 3p you would have around 21km range

These are all questions I would Reccomended u look up before asking. There are hundreds of 18650 battery building threads all you have to do is take the time to look:) best of luck man! Try these: Samsung 30q Battery pack 18650 soldering 18650 spotwelding