Help with my board settings?

I was wondering if someone could help me look at my settings and board read out to help me understand what’s going on and what I should change?

The results from a short ride

The problem is when I start on a minor slope and I try to floor the remote, the motors stutter and then eventually cut out.

But if I have a rolling start, they work fine

This board runs a Sanyo 10s2p with 6374 motors and flipsky 3.40 dual vesc

image image

The 4.20 suffers under strain. Have you read all the threads surrounding it?

Mike seems to have found a way to use it, I personally abandoned it

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Thanks for the tip, once I turned it down to 30, no more cut outs.

For historical purposes, here are the new settingsimage image

That’s great. How does it feel on those settings out of interest? Are you happy with torque?

It’s no where near the 12s4p setup I have but I knew the non 6.6 Flipsky’s didn’t really handle 12s. It goes up rather steep hills at an ok speed. Would like a little more power…I’m ok with it for now.