Help with my first built. Motor's choice

Hi, i’m making my first DIY. I have doubts about the motor-battery for my board. I’m looking 3 options: A- Maytech hub motors (800w, 100kv) with 10s4p battery 30q. B- Metasurf direct drive (future 70kv, 80A) with 12s4p battery 30q. C- Other brand hub motor with 12s4p battery 30q.

For vesc I will use a dual vesc4.12 or 4.20.

Ho is better combination? I’m looking fast board, about 45-50km/h max.speed.

Thanks very much.


can´t say much about the motors but the dual 4.20 does not run well on 12s, keep that in mind


And its spotty @ 10s if you don’t go conservative on vesc settings. I have one myself and plan on an 8s dual belt build. If you want reliability @ 12s, go for the 6.6 You won’t be disappointed

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Thanks for your coments. Okey, I can go for vesc6. Which is better, flypsky fsesc 6.6 or enertion focbox?

They are both very good vesc. I have a single focbox and love it. Ive heard good things about the flipsky as well. Flipsky is cheaper.

If you don’t mind waiting the unity is a similar price to the flipsky 6.6 dual. Both are good options but the unity has a smaller footprint.

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and the unity has more features… just watched the latest enertion youtube video about the unity. Didn´t know about a lot of things which implemented in the SW and HW which definitly are a nice to have.