Help with my new build?

If i don’t use it will the focbox still give the remote battery info and speed and stuff like that is this just to be more accurate?

Yes it will so long as you set the correct battery info etc on the Unity/Focbox/Esc.

The Metr is truly more of a extra, it will auto track your rides and create logs of them. It has many features but most of the features are reading info that your Unity/Focbox/Esc is already outputting.

So in short your Esc if running VESC or a modded VESC software. Should be outputing all this info already. The Metr just makes it way more user friendly.

The Bonus’s of a Metr are you have one Pin Password to protect your board from someone using bluetooth and same app to jump into your board and change things. That for me is a plus since esk8 is growing and some random could find the app I use and jump into my board and change things if Im in range.

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Thanks! That sounds great!

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