Help with new build!

Hi everyone, I have been thinking about building a small cruiser board for quite awhile, and I am starting to plan it out now.This will be my first build so some of the stuff are pretty hard to figure out. Hope someone can help me out here.

I have figured out roughly how i want to configure my board.

Deck: Loaded poke / Any small sized cruiser board with kicktail.

Battery: 2 x ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 5S1P 30C in series.

Motors and motor mount: Clone Boosted motor mount, power-truckfront-truck-kit-p-422.html?zenid=f6am29rkahch7e28us77e11661

Bms: Looking for something that’s safe and reliable.

Esc: Would like to use a vesc but not sure which one to pick.

Overall, I estimate this build would cost me about under 1k.

I have also seen some premade kits that go for about 400-500 with pretty good internals (10s5p LG cells) and motors. The only thing i feel that’s bad are the escs that they use. Should i go ahead with this build or buy a kit and upgrade it when I have more knowledge?

Any tips are welcome!

looks like you are on the right track.

As with most things if you buy cheap you buy twice or three times so it’s usually worth spending a little more to get quality stuff - the VESC is a really good example of this, lots of folks are reporting issues with cheaper VESCs so it would be wise to research this carefully and spend your money wisely. My personal weapon of choice is the FOCBOX.

BMS - Bestech do great BMS

do you have a balance charger for the LIPOs already or are you planning to wire up the BMS from the get go ?

I don’t have a balance charger. I will probably wire up the bms.

Deck - have you looked at enclosures yet? Once you pick an enclosure to suit your internals it’s a good idea to check the wheelbase of your potential decks to make sure you will have enough room for the enclosure and the motors

Not yet, I have been looking for good enclosures that will fit a 24 inch wheel base and 24 inch wide deck. So far i have found nothing really solit other than cheap chinese stuff .

edit: 24 cm wide deck

That’ll work, I was going to suggest adding in the BMS after you have everything else working nicely to make troubleshooting easier, but only if you already had a balance charger

Right now I am debating between building the whole thing or getting this kit:

What do you think?

It will probably make my life easier as all the stuff i need is there. I could probably upgrade the esc in the future once I have selected a solid one that fits my needs

where are you based?

I’m in singapore

ahh, so shipping should be nice and quick then, plus cheap :slight_smile:

Yup, shipping is free for that link

oh wow - awesome :slight_smile:

I can’t comment on that kit as I’ve never personally used it or seen comments on it.

If you do go for a kit just make sure the components are modular and you can easily swap them for other brands/styles etc if you wish to in the future

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I’ll do a little more research on that and see if the enclosure is large enough for 2 vescs.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

my pleasure

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