Help with parts list. I want an AT board with 30+ mile range

I really want something quality-wise but I can’t justify spending that much for a board so it’s time to build my own.

How I ride: I like to fishtail corners and kick dirt riding down trails off road. So I want something I can kick out. Right now im riding like this with my wowgo AT2 which I enjoy a lot. But the range is terrible (7-miles) so I need to upgrade. I mostly ride off-road florida trails with little bumps/roots in the ground. $2500 budget.

What I want:

  • AT board with quality parts
  • 25+ Mile range (off-road range)
  • I want to buy a pre-built battery pack.
  • I want the battery under the board

Hi welcome to the forum. What’s your budget? Mother’s maiden name and crust on or off?

$2000-2500 budget.

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You cut the crust off don’t you?

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check out flux motion maybe? Where are you based? EU or US? xl2.0 from kaly or flux motion are the ones that come to my head but they are both a little over your budget…

I do like flux motion boards but they are out of my price range. That’s why I’m looking to built one myself. Except I want to buy a prebuilt battery.

If you like the current Wowgo have you considered getting a bigger enclosure and battery for it? Would be considerably cheaper than your stated budget, or you could focus more of that budget on the biggest battery you care to have.

you could go for the flux deck + enclosure and build the battery yourself or have a custom builder make you pack.

If you’re doing DIY to save money, you’re going to be very disappointed.