Help with Sixshooter wheels

Hey guys, I have a flat on my Sixshooter wheels. How do I go about removing the tire from the wheel. Does it have a tube inside and if yes, where would I get a replacement?

Thanks in advance!

Remove wheel from axle, remove bolts from wheel, separate halves, remove tire and tube. Inspect the tire for what popped the tube, if that is gone, replace or patch the tube. This is the tube you need for the clever tires

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I got the tube repaired and the wheel back together. I bought the above adapters to air tire back up but when I remove the adapter all the air leaks out.

How are you guys airing these tires back up?

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I use a pump like this that has a screw on hose vs a clamp on hose.

I never had much luck with those bent stem adaptors. It’s just to tight of a space and you risk bending the stem or breaking the tube at the stem by trying to force it.

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