Help with The controller

Hi i have found this remote/controller.

Can someone tell me if it is good? and can i and a friend use same remote and same VESC with out controlling each other?

Yeah you don’t want that one.

Why not and if so what do you recommend?

I’ve been using one of these mini 2.4 GHz trigger style controllers for the last couple months. Rock solid with zero dropouts.

I always steer folks towards the GT2b. Dirt cheap and several options to move into smaller 3d printed case.

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Its based on the same build. The one i send and the one you link to, its just diffrent cases. But thanks

Lots of drop out issues. There’s a 2.0 version where you can buy in a group buy here. I picked one up but I’m wary on reliability given their track record.

They’re not the same. Not even close. The one you posted was originally called the “Nano Remote” The one that @Bataleon posted is was and is called the "Mini Remote. The Nano has drop out issues because of poor signal/recetion The Mini is rock solid even if at a distance like if you fall off and the board gets away from you. The Nano is thumb control and control is usable but not really very good. The Mini is trigger control and offers excellent smooth control of acceleration and braking.


Is there a way to improve signal with antenna maybe?

@nikoli280 You can try to get the 2nd version of it. I think there is a group buy going on for it now.

IT does look a bit different than the nano one.

The only other option I know of… is if you buy esc which is already paired with that nano remote. I think they then work OK. Then again havent heard too many reviews of that yet anyways (how good the combo of Esc + remote is afterall)

I tried an antenna on both the remote and receiver. It’s not a signal strength issue, it’s a signal-spazzing-out-for-no-reason-or-due-to-interference issue.

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This one has been super solid for me.