Help with the On/Off switch?

What specifications does an On/Off switch need to be usable in an electric skateboard? for instance:

I will use 2x 3s 5000mAh 20c zippy’s and a motor which can draw at peak 60Amps

If this switch does not work, can you suggest a something to turn the board on and off? (disconnect the batteries) Thank you!

i swear to god if I see one more post about on/off switches…


hahahahah sorry i triggered you, but why? and could you help me? because I have already read quite much about electric skateboards but am new to the switches department of electric skatboards

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There’s plenty of posts on this if you search around (and this is a pretty beginner topic IMO), but your going to need an antispark mosfet switch to use that momentary switch. has a bunch of good ones.

OH so thats why most of the people use just a xt60 connector

we mostly use XT-90 Antispark connectors cause they’re cheap and reliable

The XT-90 antispark is much cheaper, but the mosfet switch is “cleaner” all you have is a button instead of a connector sticking out the side of your board.

E-switches are cool but finding one that is reliable is difficult.

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If you dont have an eswitch you have only one option for the “on off switch” and that’s XT90 or something like that If you have an e switch see how many volts does it use for the buttons light usually 5 or 12 everything else doesn’t matter

@emepror hi I order one of those switch from some in Italy and there was supposed to be a in off switch on it but there is now I am new.I bought this switch and want to connect it to my board,someone said I need a resistor can’t work out what resistor to us dual motor vesc 2 3s lipo.please help me