Help with unknown BMS

Just received my new batterypack from Eboosted, along with a BMS I cant find any info on. Can somebody give me any info regarding this BMS? Thanks for the helpIMG_2880%20(2)

Why not ask @Eboosted ?

I think I did (sent a mail to his website) I did not get much information

Here is the complete diagram:


B- goes to negative of battery pack (B0) C- goes to negative of charging port Loose wires need to be connected (shorted) Black wire with plastic button on the end, leave it there Positive of charge port connects to positive of battery pack B+ (B10)


Thank you so much

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Hi Alan. I am wiring my BMS now. The port you labled as B- is actually named P- on the board. There is another pad by the balance connector, that is labled B-. How do I wire the bms and my battery, if I wont to disable it for discharge, and only for charge?

Please send me a good picture and I’ll help you out

![IMG_3524|375x500](upload://pguFnLwChkVXoKMbo8KDIMG_3526 aKVcEH4.jpeg) IMG_3525


C- is connected to chargeport minus, B- is connected to battery minus, P- is not connected to anything. When I plug the battery in the circut, the charger still shows green while the battery is at 33 volts. The + and - leads from the XT90 are supposed to go to my focbox

There are two white wires that need to be shorted, have you done that? The BMS balancing plug also needs to be connected

I feel stupid, I forgot the balance connector. It now charges. Is my wiring correct btw?

Yrs. Wiring is correct.

I’m glad you were able to fix it yourself

Thanks for the help! One last question, what is the difference between P- and B- ?

As far as I know they are internally connected

I am currently charging my battery, I measured the voltage of my battery now, and its at 39V. I dont dare to charge it anymore, is there something wrong? Should it not stop at 37V?

It will stop at 42v