Help with upgrading Trampa Urban Electric Carver to Mountainboard

Hi all

I bought this Ultimate Urban Electric Carver in Dec '18. The specs:


… and here are pics of the board:







I’m completely new to esk8ing and I realised after using it a few times that it doesn’t really handle the hills in my area (Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa) and my weight (86kgs). Also I realised that I might prefer a mountainboard with dual motors, as I started yearning to go off the paths at the park as well as other off-road spots in my lovely country.

So I thought that I would then need an additional motor, another VESC, a different box to hold the components, bigger trucks and bigger wheels.

Trampa advised me that the best option would be to try sell the whole board and get their pre-built mountain board instead of trying to upgrade my current board. They said that their twin VESC configuration mounting using the current Beast Box isn’t an optimal solution. I could go that way, but I would first like to explore other options. I thought that the experienced people on this forum might have some ideas for me that might work.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


So i think something that would really help is wider trucks You could get away with the same wheels for now, maybe just change the treads And then maybe a motor/power upgrade?

If you really want to go all out MTB, then yeah you’re looking at bindings, dual motors (which means an additional VESC) more batteries, and the assorted items involved If youre willing to put the work and time in doing what required, its most certainly possible If you’d rather go the easy(er) route, i would try selling it and then purpose building

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^^ this

You’re better off selling the current board for what it was made for as you’d change so much none of the original one would be left anyways.

“This old broom’s had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time…”

Yeah, I’m starting to think that.

What you would need: Wider hanger (check with trampa if the long hanger fit your mini base plate) 8“ wheels and inner tubes (the hubs are fine you have)

A second motor mount, pulles, motor and esc. (Better get two other motors and a motor mount with a crossbar :grimacing::sweat_smile:) Bindings A new battery box which fit more lipos.

Sell an then build

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The normal hangers works on the mini baseplates and the other way around.

Got the Infinity Baseplates here with Mini Vertigo Hangers.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I think it may be too much to go full eMTB right now, so what might be a good option if I just wanted to be able to climb hills better without the motor heating up so quickly? Should I upgrade the motor? Are there settings on the VESC tool that would help?

I’ve already changed the 14 tooth motor pulley for the 13 tooth, but it didn’t make too much difference.

I’m trying to work out the best performance without breaking the bank.

Second motor will make the biggest difference.

Like @Skunk said get a second motor. Probably it’s even more cheap to get two sk3(unsensored) or sk8 (sensored) motors from hobbyking than to get one from trampa with shipping etc.

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make sure you have that maytech remote on the fast mode. you probably are, but just checking. i rode similar setup single motor and weigh 210 pounds and was able to make it work pretty well, after i fixed my stupid mistake of using the maytech remote on the slow setting.

Thanks. I have it in fast mode. The board goes fast enough, but the motor just heats up quite quickly when climbing the hills in my hood.

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I realised a couple of days ago after reading another thread here that I’d overtightened my wheels so they weren’t spinning freely. I fixed that and the board runs much better downhill now, but I still have the issue of the motor getting too hot too quickly.

unless you did the motor detection with the belt off, you might want to rerun that on the vesc now that everything is adjusted properly?

Yeah, I just did that! I realised that the detection was done with the stiff wheel, so it probably wasn’t going to be setup properly at all!

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If you want more stability you can switch to ATB hangers, the Infinity’s are the cheapest and already have drilled holes for both spring postions. But then you should buy some different bushings and need new bearings (ID 12mm). With ATB hangers you could also mount 8" wheels in the future (with 66T wheel pulley). The motor mount fits the ATB hanger. For real offroad (very rough and uneven environment) you definitely need bindings and at least yellow dampas.

Regarding motor(s). The cheapest upgrade would be getting the SK8, they stay cool and have more power especially uphill. If you want to climb hills like a boss get 2 of them and a second motor mount and Vesc6. But then you need the ATB hangers.

Unfortunately no.

Here something for your eyes, maybe it helps with your decision…

Urban Carver with ATB hangers and 7" and once with mini hangers and Gummies.


And compared to the mountainboard



Do you think its a dumb idea to purchase a gear drive and mate it to the mini hangers? Or should I be a patient sob and wait till I can get my hands on full sized ones

Ive been thinking about just upgrading to the full ones, but then Ill have minis sitting around that I dont want(and while I greatly appreciate getting them for my Secret santa, I dont know If theyll be fully utilized :man_shrugging:)

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If you want to go to a fully mtb, I think it is better to sell your board and start building a new.

An ATB have wider trucks and a other deck (holypro).

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I don’t think there is a gear drive for mini hangers available, also no support bearing possible. I wouldn’t modificate the motor plate. But anyway you need machined hangers or maybe this new truck/hanger could fit, too.

Welcome to the club, since weeks I can’t decide :laughing:


Thanks for this @rich. This helps, as I really wanted to see if the size of the boards were that much different. They don’t seem to be.

I’m probably not going to be able to go ‘full eMTB’ right now. I may have to first simply try to make my current rig a bit more powerful to deal with the hilly streets in my area. At a later stage I’ll work on a proper MTB.

I’m thinking that even a different motor might be better - perhaps even a 6374 170Kv to replace my current 6364 136Kv.

Edit: the above paragraph is exactly what you recommended! Sorry, didn’t read.