Helpful 18650 ( Filtering Tool

Yeah, so weird. On 18650 page, only difference between me coming in from here or France are the missing LG cells (8 items missing). Almost unbelievable because HG2 cells were one of my top choices :slight_smile:

They’re what I went with and when I bought them they were on offer… 32 cells £110!! :slight_smile:

Could you add support for 20700 cells, or other cell types in general? 20700’s are also a great alternative to 18650’s

I’ll see what I can do @Jinra

OK @Jinra, I’ve now included 26650. Unfortunately Nkon don’t sell 20700s so I can’t add that so easily without finding a good, cheap source for them…

I’ll add other types soon too… http://localhost:63522/PublicServices/NkonFilter

Hey @SilentException, I’ve added range filters now… :thumbsup:

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are you sure? i saw sanyo ncr20700b earlier

Yes, sorry, you’re right, they do sell them, albeit only one option :slight_smile:

What I was looking for was a category like the 18650 and the 26650…

Not sure that it’s worth adding for just one product…

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Nice, helpful!

Yesterday I noticed one more reason to take bulk discount into consideration as some comparing cells that are normally cheaper by piece get pricier when bulk discount is applied. If you are going to add bulk discount, it would be superb if you saved the data. Would be useful for price over time graphs, minimum price ever and such :slight_smile:

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Seriously!? That doesn’t make sense :confused:

OK, I’m working on taking it in to consideration.

Perhaps I expressed it incorrectly. The cells do not get pricier by piece but when comparing with others, they are no longer cheapest. For example:

CellA = 4€ CellB = 5€

and after bulk discount: CellA = 3.8€ CellB = 3.5€

So for building a pack, now the B cells would be more affordable. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

Ahhh I getcha! :thumbsup:

OK, added multi-buy support for bulk and individual price.

Put your pack details in and it’ll show you the total cost and individual cell price based on a multi-buy discount if there’s one available…

Let me know what you think guys :thumbsup:

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I like to think that this addition to Nkon’s website for 18650’s is down to me…


hah … looks good… im glad they added it. Though I think your tool still offers more options to choose from(?)

Yeah it does because you can actually price up your pack on the fly and see which one come out the cheapest after multi-buy discounts are applied.

Once they implement that, then it’s pretty much the same… lol

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well… it is still a bit funny that they improved the site / filter tool ( a tiny bit) after all this time lol… im not sure how much effort / time it required on your end but I still find it silly they hadnt done this earlier… and that even now it could be more precise / detailed :smiley:

Haha. Well, TBH ranges were my feature request :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ranges aren’t my favourite user interface control… :confused:

Hey I made a special site for this as well. You even get 3% discount if you order through my site :smiley: