Hexagon griptape ⭐ Only $7.99 per pack -Grip Graphique

Hey everyone,

New member here as I have just gotten into the eskate world and recently completed my own DIY from a kit!

I have been running gripgraphique.com for quite a few years now and would like to let you all know that you can get professional custom laser cut griptape from me.

I have been supplying both Alex from @Lacroix and @Kaly Ernesto from NYC.kaly hexagon griptape for some time now and only realized recently that they are both big players in the custom Eskate world! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately I did not get into eskate when I started the company a few years ago and now I am ramping down production. Due to other commitments in my life and building code/insurance regulation changes, I had to recently sell off my machine to a local makerspace. However, before I did, I stocked up on lots of hexagons (the most popular design).

You guys can check out our website and see some of the other designs we have limited inventory of.

The makerspace is also nice enough to give us a discounted membership rate if we ever wanted to use the laser. So depending on the interest in custom designs, it can be a possibility for me to take a day off and do all the cuts in one go. As per request, a signup/waitlist sheet has been created here: https://goo.gl/forms/KmOj0sKaEQfopvvc2

The hexagons my website are approx $6.10usd per pack of 50 ($7.99cad) And free shipping for anything over $38usd

Custom one off designs will be approx. $40usd (depending on the complexity). And a discount can be given for multiple orders of the same custom design.

Feel free to post here or email me if you have any questions :slight_smile: [email protected]

EDIT: Can a mod help edit this to the “New items for sale” tag? If that is not allowed because I’m a new member, then fair enough.


My local maker space also has laser cutter. I will use it as soon as I do my research. Not sure about fumes

Btw I think I saw your website before selling hexagons and then couldn’t find it again :smile:

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https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/2992/3743?u=jc06505n this is where i got my grip tape from for Anubis-Proto

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Good luck with it! Learning how to use a laser cutter opens many doors in terms of DIY projects!

Just an FYI, depending on the makerspace, they may not allow griptape to be cut. (Two other spaces in my city disallowed this material)

This is due to what air filtration system they use. Because some of the “sand” on the griptape get super heated and sucked into the filtration system and may be a fire hazard. I had to make a custom filtration system to work around this. (And also sold the system to them as a bundle)

thumbnail4 Been wanting this for a bit

Think @b264 was fond of this design as well


Yes, that’s the only design I’ve seen that I like more than hexagons. And it’s hexagon-esque

It looks really functional because any way you tried to scoot, you’d have a straight edge you’re trying to slide over


I did have a similar design But yours adds another layer I like it!



Yeah i like that one. Something about all the straight edges is what draws me to the one i posted. How many orders would you need to make it worth doing a run of a new design?


Approximately 20 sheets worth of orders. Each sheet is 11" x 34" (max allowable length)

I can set up a google docs and get a waitlist going

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I just purchased gripgraphique grip tape; outstandingly well done, FTR you can trust these guys (I’m ordering more)

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done -karl

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Here is the signup/waitlist sheet :slight_smile: https://goo.gl/forms/KmOj0sKaEQfopvvc2

Just put down however many sheets you think you’d want. And when I get close to 20 orders, I’ll start emailing everyone for design details, shipping address, payment, etc…

I also put the link in the first post


Estimated price with shipping in the us?

~$40usd (complexity dependent) + $10usd shipping to the usa

(Your design is simple enough, so its $40usd)

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Glad to see you here Keep up the good work


Bump :slight_smile: (10char)

You had a kickstarter at one point in time didn’t you. I remember seeing some of these deisgns.

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Yeah we did a few year back :slight_smile:

Im looking for red HEXAGONS

Price difference