Hey, i need 12s bms for Li-ion batteries EU

Hey i need the 12s bms for Li-ion batteries, does anyone have it to sell or any recommendations where to buy it? And I also need a charger. Thanks.

I have a 13s 80a bms (which also works for 12s) and is really small and compact so it fits in almost all enclosures without taking space. It is still sealed I didn’t open it. I also have a 2a and a 4a charger if u are interested

Are you from EU? And what’s the price for bms and price for 2A and 4A charger?

Yea I am from eu 160€ for the whole bundle. Everything is literally factory sealed and never used

How much are the chargers?

I bought the 2a for 40€ and the 4a for 75€ so if u are interested dm me and we can make a deal

How much is just the esc?

Which esc do u mean? :sweat_smile:

Oh sorry bms haha

I bought it for 65€, still sealed but u can have it for 55€

Okay, thanks I’ll contact you OK?

Sure thing take ur time

U can also have the 2a for 35€ and the 4a for 65€

Ok thanks I’ll rethink

Hey, I have a 12s 4A charger and a D140 bestech charge only bms

25e bms 35e charger

How do you mean only bms?

are you fimmilar with the term charge only bms?

No I’m not

Then you dont even need to have a bms in your hands untill you do plenty of reading on batteries and bmss, this is like not understanding fractions and wanting to sign up for nasa

Theres plenty of discussions and threads explaining

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Hey do you still have the bms and charger?