Heya I got foxtrot uniform by an Australian nerd company with a 3k tag on something called an ekewill gtx2

So I bought a board in Australia after saving 3k never thought of building one, I have titanium in my leg from an incident and I’m on military pension to boot, so this thing I bought from a company called phaser fvp, sent me a board with the wrong plugs no manuals flat tyres no caps upside down suspension and a top speed of 50kmhr, I wanted to send it back, they wanted 20 percent restock fee and to pay for my own freight roughly 1000au anyway sorry I can’t find any parts for this AliExpress overpriced crap, and want to know if something goes sideways you guyscab help, as this coward has blocked me, and, actually I won’t start, I don’t even know if I’m posting in the right place, I been trying to get just basic specs, so I just want to know how deep am I in it, reckons it’s a Samsung battery Jesus it’s 90mm clearance and it’s smaller than the 4wd, I just want to get some adrenaline back, even with the metal I can sort of ride the one wheel, and I want to get some veteran thing for the younger blokes as I am older than dirt ha, would be good to set up a deck fot diggers take the boards out for a bit clear there minds, thats my direction and any help on this ekewill gtx2 2wd, can’t find spares any where, and I don’t even know what to look for, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place I don’t even talk to people in real life, just the dog, oh any vets feel free to read my review on phaser fvp Gosford Australia, they guy literally questions my integrity and service yea that’s why I have a giant regiment tattoo on my back, am I out of order think not. Sorry segway, all the time, so basically I hope you guys got my back when it shits itself Goodluck trying to find specs, new build in a week, gotta dip the deck, and then ask real questions, sorry for the babble, I will do it before med time lol


you bought a cheap board with a high price tag unfortunately. We can try to help you improve it to the best of our ability. @glyphiks help?

You two down under folks can get the ham back in the sandwich I hope

As unfortunate as it is, unless you have the ability to manufacture parts yourself, or the know-how to ha e parts designed and manufactured, these types of boards are very much a pain in the dick.

Many moving parts means many things can and probably will break, and the fact that the supplier is ghosting you is a good indication that it’s probably best to cut your losses and run.

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Maybe you can share some photos here.

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