Hi, Do any of you have torque curves for a 6374 motor?

I would like to use them to calculate my gear stresses.

Does anyone have a torque curve for any motor on their board?

I’ve thought / looked up for this, too!

The closest I’ve got is just to use watts for power rating…

Some say you can calculate direct torque on wheels by using that measurement…

I also saw that @Pedrodemio had posted some ‘‘torque’’ schematics… he might have some answers to this question… try to look up a thread about batteries or something similar, where he has posted…

Not yet, i have the theoretical power/torque requirements of a board

Again, theoretically motor torque is T = (I60)/(2pi*Kv), but on a real motor they are probably far from this

The guys from @Mellow have been placing a few boards on a dynamometer, you can find some of the results on Kilian Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/the_endless_engineer/)

As me, @anon94428844 and others have discussed, we have to design an cheap universal and reliable dynamometer that anyone can build and them we can build a motor database and find whats best from real data and not marketing crap


It would be really easy, just use a phone app and enter your weight + weight of the board. In fact, if used correctly, these apps are really precise.