Hi I'm sure you can do this!

You actually bought an iPad Pro? That thing is gigantic.


I hope you know that you just reply this to the coupon bot and not Jason… My guess is your problem are communication between you and support, more than a general problem from support…

You must have small hands and big eyes.:grinning: That’s about the iPad Pro .:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I know that! Thank you was just trying to make it more personal in a nice way and less offensive to Jason. :slightly_smiling_face:

Without you lot I would never have made my board! You all offer so much great information and ideas! I love it. I like All of this and I am very sorry if I have offended anybody. You too loop.

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I agree i don’t travel with it. It’s like the TVs at home.

Yes you are correct support do not respond. That must be my fault! I foregot to press send! What a dick! That is where I’ve been going wrong for the last 20 years.

Yeah why what do you use ? Don’t tell me you’ve got vr goggles they suit you so much. :kiss:

I use an iPad too.

Good for you, I was just trying to be funny.:upside_down_face: No offence intended.