Hi5ber Overtaker honeycomb carbon fiber brand new [SOLD]


I am selling a new Hi5ber overtaker. It has the honeycomb carbon fiber weave. I had originally planned to build a carvon board but decided to go 4wd. The board cost me $290 with the honeycomb weave. Ill sell it for $200 bux plus shipping. Brand new.



I’m going to drop the price to $170 to bring attention to this. That’s $120 less than I payed and it’s still in the box brand new.

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Ill take it


Great. PayPal is [email protected]

Shipping is about $25 if your within the USA. I’ll send it tomorrow once I’ve received payment and refund the shipping difference if it’s lower.

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Just sent the payment confirm if you have received it, thanks dude for everything been looking to getting into this hobby for a good minute. Thanks for the deal

Thanks. Got it. I’ll send it off tomorrow.

I live in between West Hollywood and LA. My zip is in LA. What do you do for a living that you split your time are you a engineer?

My mom is disabled and she lives in West Hollywood so I’m down there helping her at least every other month. I’m a chemistry graduate student/teacher.

Dude feels parents getting old to, almost done with my masters from UCSC. Its been a rough time in school happy to be almost done.

I feel you. I only have one more semester myself.