High current panel mount connectors

TLDR: Looking for 60+ amp, panel mount, IP67 connectors

I’m building a Vesc OneWheel from scratch but im not sure what connectors to use between the front and back compartment, and from the front to the motor. I’ve seen many use molex mx150l connectors and wiring multiple pins in parallell, but I’d rather use a connector with one pin per connection. I’ll be using a Superflux motor, raiden 7 vesc and 18s2p 30t cells (so 70a) batterypack, and I’m therefor looking for a IP67, panel mount connector that can carry atleast 60 amps. Looking for one 2 pin (or 2 pin high current + 2 pin low current like 5a for charging) connector between the two compartments, and one 3 pin (or 3 high current + 6 low current for hall sensor) from front to motor. Anyone know of any connectors that would work?


“Funwheel” is how I would describe that vehicle. Unfortunately, I don’t know about the connectors. OneWheel seems to be a trademark of Patent Trolls, Inc. or something like that, I forgot

Yeah, I guess funwheel would be a more correct term, but since the two terms are used so interchangeably within the community I figured whatever…