High internal resistance in motor

Hi, this is my first post and my first potential build. im thinking of running a budget 6s lipo battery system with two engines. i found a motor on banggood for a cheap price. but what worries me is the high internal resistance and low watt. Im afraid that the motor will become very hot under stress. is this motor any good or should try for something quality oriented?

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looks good to me. got lots of good reviews.


That will get you going on 6s definitely.

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so an internal resistance of 20 ohm dosent matter? @Hummie @dareno comapered to other engines this seems really high.

a typo. miliohms maybe. you can get the motor resistance when running on the vesc. a rare thing to see as a multimeter wont get nearly so detailed a reading. even goes up and down subtly with temp

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