High-performance Remote Batch

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Hey guys! I’m doing a small batch of my bamboo remotes with military-grade thumb-wheels and telemetry. I still have some left if you want to get in on this run. You can learn all about them at https://3sk8esk8.com/custom-race-remotes/ I’ll be shipping late August to mid-September.

Currently, the remotes are up and running in several big cities around the US, and I just started in the EU. So far people have made really positive comments about ergonomics and durability. Additionally, they are saying that the throttle is butter. That’s my favorite part. No one has had signal issues AND customer service is superb :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you ahead of time if you purchase for supporting a small business. Hopefully, I’ll be making more of these soon along with my skateboards. I just got my hands on a CNC router to do my job while I ride. Once it’s up and running production will go up and the price will go down. The remotes have been a hit. I want to get them into the hands of more riders while continuing to improve upon them. Thanks again! Happy riding :slight_smile:

One last thing. If you buy one, ride it and don’t like it. Send it back for a full refund. I’ll get you taken care of.


So expensive :pensive:


It’s all about the free flashlight brother :grimacing:

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That flashlight is actually pretty badass lol.

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Fak! I wan one now :weary:


I haven’t actually installed the remote yet but the flashlight had already seen some action… will say… flashlight 10/10

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You own one. If you don’t mind me asking Can deadman be disabled? Personally I hate those switches :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes pretty sure you can have it without the switch if you wanted or just have it disabled. I haven’t installed it yet but I requested for the deadman switch.

@tomiboi please correct me for any inaccuracy.

Original offering actually didn’t have the switch at all but he was nice enough to get one installed for me. The project the remote that is based on allows the switch to be configured to off, cruise, deadman.

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The trigger button can be programmed within the settings to be used as a kill-switch or cruise. It is also used to navigate the settings menu when you are not riding.

That flashlight is my second favorite thing after my dog. It is also a powerhouse for charging devices like your remote. I had a bunch from a thing, so I threw them in.

@wenyu007 I’m sorry about the price my friend. They just cost a lot to make right now. If you are good with electronics, I’m happy to help you make your own.


Here is a link to the flashlight on Amazon just incase you want one but can’t afford $269 for the remote :slight_smile:



Yea I understand why it’s expensive to make. I suck at electronics so I can’t make my own either, thanks for the offer! Will pay attention to you in the future, good luck!

Any left? Are the remote plug and play with the focbox unity?

@Steven1 Yes, there are a few left in this batch. They have worked with Unity pretty seamlessly so far.

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I’ll take one. Order through link in first post?

Right on, thank you :slight_smile: Yes, order through the link above. When you make the purchase there is an opportunity for you to leave a note. Write Unity there and I will program it for unity. Yours might make it out before the end of the month.

Sorry, have to pass. Calculated shipping to the Netherlands was 101$ minimum + import fees will make it way too expensive.

Woah!! That’s crazy!! I’m going to look into what’s going on with international shipping costs posted on my site. They’re a little wonky. If you’d like, private message me your address and I’ll see if I can find a much lower shipping cost. If I find something saner, we can just make the transaction through paypal.

I just added about 15 new shipping services through UPS, FedEx and USPS. One of those could be a lot cheaper. For some reason I feel like we should be able to find a way to smuggle one of these out to the Netherlands for cheap. I like the idea of having one of my remotes operating in a country where esk8ing is illegal :grin:

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I haven’t named this thing yet. I was thinking about the dork1.0. It is kind of dorky. I mean it looks like it was made by the worlds one and only master rubber-band gun maker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Will you ever do another run of these?