High performance with low wattage motors/ low battery usage?

So it’s interesting. A couple of days I ordered this koowheel skateboard with dual hub motors both just 250watt. So that makes 500watt in total and only got a 4.4AH battery. Still it claims to go 40km/h and 35km range, 25 grade. I’m still puzzled about this and I’m trying to figure out whether these Chinese engineers behind that board are geniuses or scammers. I mean, that’s almost the performance of a Raptor, right? What if they silently constructed a revolutinary new hub motor with high performance and low battery usage?

Now I don’t know much about this current stuff and how much watt your beloved self-made DIY motors have, but I suspect a whole lot more. Most likely over 1000w and I suspect that makes them eat through the battery alot faster. I know I’m tapping in the dark here, but I think I made some of you a bit nervous and thinking that their stuff could be blown out off the water by some of these pesky Chinese guys, with their “cheap toy boards”.

my board has over 3000w of power on demand, but this is not continuous power output. it’ll never use that amount continuously and will be relatively low most times. having an underpowered motor means the motor needs to work harder which can lead to higher continuous power use than a better motor.