High pitch motor noise

Sup fellow eSkate builders! I’m in a great mood today! Hope you guys are too!

So, I’m learning and feeling more confident with my knowledge of the bldc tool so this morning I upped the motor max to 50a which it was at 40a… I’ve learned that if I take the wattage of my motors which are 3520w (maytech 6365) and devidw that by my battery volts which is 42v I should be able to set it to about 80… which doesn’t make sense anyways because my motors say max amp is 65s but any ways… a loud pitch noise is coming out of one of the motors now… any thoughts? Thanks!


In BLDC the motors make noise. That’s normal

Sorry, it is in FOC mode. I meant bldc tool… one of the motors is making a higher pitched noise then the other and it wasn’t making that noise yesterday… just started today after I changed a setting… but it’s only one of the motors making the high pitched noise

Then I would verify the settings on the other vesc. Make sure they match. It’s not a mechanical noise? Just a whine while riding?

how tight is your belt? I had that issue come up when experimenting with belt tension.

Good idea, I’ll check that tomorrow

Yup both same settings… it’s hard to explain… kind of higher pitch then normal… tried to get it in the video

Like what scoob said. If the belt tension is high enough it will create more resistance and more motor noise

Hey guys, it ended up being the settings in the master focbox some how changed… weird

I’ve had a focbox reset