High Power 10s Lipo Battery Pack with BMS

I used the 2s 5000 60c because they offer high current capability while having a very compact footprint. If space is not an issue, you could use Zippy flight max 8000 30c I haven’t had time to do a full on range test with this setup yet but I have logged about 13 miles without using up a full charge.


Thanks for the help, great diagram. Two questions-

  1. Does the charge port come with the BMS? I’ve never used anything like this.

  2. Where did you get the E Switch?

Thanks for everything.

Oh and what are you using for an enclosure? Sorry for all the questions.

Charge port is not included The E-switch is built in on Bestech BMS Just add an automotive switch to control it I’m using psychotiler enclosures

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Hey man,

I don’t know how to send a private message so i’m just gonna ask my question here, okay?

I regularly see people with motors that can pull a max om 80A. Online once read that the max ampere output of a battery is Ah * C So for a lot of people i’ve seen its 5 * 30 = 150A

What am i missing?

Thanks, Bram

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I answered your question here:


I know this is an older post but there is such a wealth of info! Thanks for taking this project on and sharing it with us. I have (2) 5S 5000 mah Lipos in series and it’s such a bitch to charge which I do seperstely for each lipo. I don’t really understand the logistics of a BMS but understand what it does generically. After more research to come would you mind if I DM you when I feel confident to start the project? Again, great work here!

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Happy to help and answer any questions you might have. I have been using this setup for a while now and I am very happy with it. I am currently building a second board with the same setup on a different deck and different motor mounts.

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I’d like to see how the motors change the ride with the same set up. Appreciate the help in advice sir :grin:

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The KV specs of the motor or motors is dictated by the the Vesc and the voltage. You want to keep the Erpm at 60k or less. 60k/7pole pairs = 8571 RPM When calculating, use full charge voltage, not nominal voltage. Example: 10s = 42volts 8571 rpm / 42volts = 204 max motor KV

I’ve found that 10s and 190kv makes for a very dependable setup with a good balance of torque and speed.


I’ve never seen that calculation, I don’t know how. You just saved me a shit ton of trouble. Thanks mate.


@Namasaki > 60k/7pole pairs = 8571 RPM How do you know how many poles a motor has? Specifically I am curious if a TB 6355 260kv is to high of a KV to use on 10s3p. And if x2 TB 6355 260kv is too high KV to use n 10s3p.

The reason I am so confused is that my kids board has a x2 5055 280KV motors and 10s3p.

Thanks for the expertise :slight_smile:

260kv with 10s is over the limit when using a Vesc. 7 pole pairs or 14 poles is common for the motors we use including TB’s motors. (Although, I’m speaking of 60mm motors and I don’t know about 55mm motors.) You may be able overcome this limitation by setting the erpm limit in the bldc tool to 60k. And as long as your not going full out at full throttle, you may be ok. Is your kids board setup with Vescs? If yes, then maybe they aren’t riding fast enough to exceed the limit. @chaka may be able to address this question better seeing that he is the expert on this topic and all I know is what I’ve read in his posts.

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Hey there! I can’t stop looking at this diagram and your pictures! I have (2) 5S 5000 mah Lipos. If I was to keep my balance leads for the same reason (testing) would you recommend I get a balance lead to connect from the Lipo balance and then take the individual wires (minus the ground) from both Lipos into the BMS? In my head this is starting to make sense but in practice I feel like their would be some fires :fearful: in my case. Thanks in advance.

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Got another one for ya if you don’t mind! What kind and where did you get the charging port? Man, this is becoming more and more fisable in my head. 2 months ago I’d never imagine I could even solder let alone understand your post! Thanks again :sunglasses:

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The switch is useless but the charge port works fine. This charge port is the small version and fits the cheaper 42v chargers that are sold on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/222029867724?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I used these extensions to connect the balance wires to the bms:

They’re really nice because I can quickly disconnect each battery pack from the BMS balance circuit for individual testing, charging or replacement if necessary, although I hard soldered each packs main wires for minimum resistance.


Beautiful and well thought out! It’s like the matrix, I’m starting to see the code! Thank you bro!


Open the motor and count the magnets in the shell. This motor has 14 magnets (poles) or 7 pole pairs multiply voltage x KV rating to get RPM multiply pole pairs x RPM to get ERPM


Good info, thank you sir. I am slowy getting my head around all of this :slight_smile:.

Your very welcome, About the TB 260kv motors, I used to run those. They are good motors with a good torque and speed. Their shafts are long enough to accommodate the wider pulleys and belts. They also are well made and come with quality NSK bearings. I ran them at 12s with Hobby ESC’s on 90mm wheels and got 28mph going uphill.(just a slight grade) When I upgraded to Vesc’s I switched to 190kv motors and 10s because I was afraid of causing DRV fault in the Vesc. But, I think that you could possibly run them at 10s with the Vesc if you turn the max erpm limit down from 100k to 60k in the bldc tool. This is only speculation by me for I have not tried it and I am by no means an expert concerning the Vesc.

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