High Quality VESC PCB

Hey guys in need of 2 high quality VESC PCBs. I’m in NYC and would like them asap so US sellers preferably. Thanks

Vesc six ships to NY within three days.


Ill be getting the 6 from you shortly. I still need a couple vesc4 to run 2 motors I have in bldc. The 6 will be getting a shiny new powerful motor :smile: as soon as I decide on one

Bump Still need vesc PCBs and antispark PCBs too while I’m at it

@trampa @JohnnyMeduse Is there a PCB file out there for a vesc4 with directfets?

Ollin probably has something up for download.


@trampa Thanks, just gonna do a min run myself and sell off extras ETA on vesc6 with silcone seals in stock? Been a busy 48hrs, ordered mount from @thisguyhere, 6374 190kv from @JLabs and pulley from @johnny_261 , you’re next and last :yum:

The sealing wil come in Oktober. Vesc are in Stock, not many left.


Ordered from oshpark :grin:

Just a quick question Frank… If the seal come in October, then why is it advertise on your website right now ?

Haha the question everyone is flipping out about. I’m sure @Frank has an answer that really doesn’t answer the issue though.

This is not the 4.12 with DirectFETS! thats the normal Version with D2PAK Footprints

Wish I saw this sooner, but I have two unpopulated OSH Park 4.12 PCB’s sitting at home right now. And a sparkswitch PCB as well.

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Yeah I know, unfortunately that’s all I can find the PCB file for right now

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How much do you want for them, shipped to NYC

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