High Schooler built, electric commuter/school board

Hello everyone, I have been working on this board for about a year now. I have been browsing around this forum for a few months and decided that I would put together an ongoing build log. I have just burned out my fourth Propdrive 500kv motor. This and the battery are the only things that haven’t been upgraded during the duration. Here are the parts that I have settled upon:

  • $60 Hobbyking X-Car Beast 150a esc
  • $50 (sale) Multirotor 4s 16 ah battery
  • $20 Propdrive 500kv motor (Big mistake)
  • $25 97mm Flywheel clones (Ebay)
  • Chain drive 8/35
  • Traxxas TQi remote (Had it spare in my shop)
  • Homemade 23x9 inch deck

I am in need of some recommendations for a new motor and a 6s lipo battery. I am willing to spend up to about $110 for a new battery and motor combined. Any suggestions?

Could sell you a way better motor 260kv sk3 and brand new with a keyed shaft

If I were you, I’d would dump the chain and go for a 12—32 or 12—36 belt pulley drive with a 63 ,74 motor if single drive at about 190 kv and run it on at least an 8s battery with a vesc.

What is the problem with chain drive? I started out using 9mm wide belts (Yes, I know I need to do something wider) and they just kept snapping. I have since had zero problems with the chain drive. It has been quiet reliable and inexpensive, less than converting to wider belts. I am planning on doing a $1100 eMTB build with dual 6355 motors some time this summer so I don’t have the money to go all out on this as well. Just looking for something to do the job in and around school.

@willpark16 How much would that be? I have looked into the sk3 motors. They look good and a keyed shaft would be nice.

I’d like 60 if possible but might be able to go lower

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Your Biggest issue is the motor you are choosing is wrong. 500kv …max a motor should be used is like 270 Kv…

You need to find a motor between 190-245kv

This will end your needing a new motor every so often. Plus you’ll probably go faster even though the kv is much lower…you were killing those motors

Would $60 include shipping? I am located in Seattle, Washington. Also, is it a 5065?

On 6s, what would you recommend for gearing with a 245kv 6374 motor?

Depends what you are trying to achieve … torque or top speed … always a trade off… but in ur case go for torque to reduce the chance of burning motors like marshmallows at a campfire

Check this …

Is 6s enough to run a 6374 motor? 12-32 seems like it would work quite well.

Sure is

6355 included shipping yes

That sounds like something I could do. PayPal?

[email protected]

Might be able to drop it in the box today

Ok, I may need until tomorrow to get my parents to send over the money.

No rush man

Hey Will, I’ve sent over the money along with my shipping address. Can you confirm that you have received it please. Thanks, Thomas