High Speed + high Torque

Hi I’m building a skateboard for the street with 200mm wheels. However, I am undecided how much torque can no longer be brought onto the road.

I weigh 95 kg

It is important to me to have as much acceleration as possible. From how much torque should it no longer be possible to stand on the board?

I don’t want to have too much unnecessary torque that I can’t use. Then it’s better to pack the rest of the energy in speed.

I have thought of two possible builds here.

What do you think?

Build1: https://calc.3dservisas.eu/?PY_BCsIwEET_JWeRpE1EvcbSkxIQ7F1zqGBsoUfx392Zjb29mezObD7mHkdzNK_n9DYbERcR7XYnvMSrsPPEJKhmFPKNtRQnqLYyZnzQIWQ6wRkZLUAnuTcnuJ6EpQakUYHINuIa9Bjxvid1IEu8Yd2DS6xJRc-ml6b_Fwoyg_aXuNp5WLBGO_fnWpb7oR6Y0XVw5vsD

Build2: https://calc.3dservisas.eu/?Pc8xC8IwEAXg_3KzSNKkRV1j6aQEBLtrhgrGFjqK_917L6Hbd9e7d-lXHmGSk7xf80d2Wly1cPtOvYab2hZGZUsFlW-MYXFG5aox4-sQMq1yQYYDyiT3loiup7DUQCWqJdHsyC3oOeH7geohQ96x7uEcalLms0svzjSJPyj3c9jaaVyxxnYaLvVYGsb6wIRbRyu_Pw==


This depends on a lot of factors. Probably in order of importance, highest first, I can think of:

  • Your trust in the radio and skate to not disconnect or glitch
  • Your skill level as a rider
  • Whether you are close to breaking traction or not
  • Whether you have bindings or not
  • Your level of desired injury risk avoidance

Personally, I feel like the 14S6P as linked looks more fun based on the supplied factors.

Have you seen E-Toxx? (@nowind :de:) You should look at what he’s doing…


Yes i know E-Toxx

I also tend more to 14s. But i love top speed to. 50mph is no problem with a normal downhill longboard. With full protective equipment, of course.

so i want top speed too. but what I have never experienced before, a skateboard that has so much acceleration that I can barely stand on it. I want that :smile:

With 200mm wheels it schould be 400n. I wonder if 400n is enough to not be able to stand on it if you lean forward as far as possible. For a 95 kg Rider.

I hope my calculation is correct. does anyone know how fast it will make 100m?

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if you set 100A on VESC you will have Torque, just don’t melt your motor.

i have a 60v charger. should go for 14s too. or does the bms not offer enough security?

I’m still looking for a mountain deck: 90cm and 30 angle. straight and with little flex.

does someone have a suggestion?

Just make sure you got some real good gloves and I’ll assume you already have an elite full face helmet.

falling off an esk8 is different to downhill you drive in streets and in new areas 24/7.

and the board itself can stop go glitch cog jam stop at the worst of times any little hick up can send you flying or wobbling (I’m not saying glitching happend to me) but you still gotta take that into consideration especially because at your higher speeds (and power) tolerances are much much lower.

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I meant suggestions for a suitable deck. But thanks for your reminder of safety. :grinning:

I want to build 16s6p battery now. I only ever see people who first build 6p packs and then build them in 16s. But I would have to do it the other way around. Is that how it works? or is there any problem if I first build six 16s and then combine them to 6p.

will that work?

PS.: i know batteries are dangerous


OK. It probably won’t work because otherwise I need a separate BMS for each pack.

Then I’d have to put together some really crazy packs.

here is a new plan:

I hop you can understand :grinning:

Pls tell me if you have a better work around.

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You don’t need a separate bms for each pack. My battery are 5 10s 1p batteries and I’m able to use one bms for it. You just need a 16s bms.

I had thought of it. But I don’t think it can work that way.


This is how it could work. but that’s crazy. Or what do you think?


The second one is correct. You will be doing that.

It sure is, so much easier to make Parallel packs, as they become like one cell.

You could fit more in if you used 18650 cells, also wrapping together will save room.

sorry I haven’t checked these numbers actually fit