High Voltage/Amp to Low Volt/Amp

I am trying to make a Vedder’s Switch that you can use a momentary push button to turn it on and off. Im wondering if this is the right regulator that handles the current:

Specs: Wide Input Voltage Range: Operation from 4.5V to 50V Overvoltage Lockout Provides Protection Up to 60V Internal High Side and Low Side Power Switches 20mA Output Current

Link: http://www.linear.com/product/LTC3632

So my question is can it handle 30 Amps without getting fried?

Thanks in advance, Sander

No way, but what do you want to do with it? The switch is just a mosfet that open or closes the circuit

As for the momentary switch, I think there is a moded version somewhere that do that This type of circuit is called soft latch

I know that, but I wanna make that you use the power from the antispark switch to an atmega328 microprocessor that tolerate max 100mA. and 1.8 < 5.5V. But I dont know which regulator I shall use for that…

Mhmm, I meant not replacing the mosfet but adding a regulator that turns the voltage to 3.3/5 and 50mA output.

Most of the ESC’s have an integrated converter

On VESC there is a 5v pin you can use, in general rc ESC you have 5v on the red and black wires that connect to the reciever

I know that, but then it will be more wires etc. So do you know any switching regulator that is fit to do the job? 3.3/5V and less then 80mA?

I will use LM2596HVS, since there are already made modules, but nothing stops you to integrate that on the switch PCB

The atmega sole purpose will be to operate the soft latch?

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Not only that, connection via UART to VESC, and has a 2.4GHz radio too, maybe bluetooth too on my next version so you can turn of the power with your iPhone etc.

What does the VESC really use to turn down the volt and amp?

If your going the custom route, use TI’s webench tool to design a regulator for you, give it your input/output voltages and a current output and it’ll do most of the design for you.

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That’s exactly the setup I’m using, but with the 5v from VESC, take care of a good filtering before feeding power into the arduino and radio module or you will have conection issues

The driver chip (DRV) has an integrated buck converter

Cool, then I will still use that option for now.

I thought so, thanks anyway :wink: