Higher cell count for more distance?

Im currently running a 280kv motor on a 6s and dont get great range. Would increasing to an 8s increase my range at all or would it only increase my speed? I have fairly small batteries, 4000mah in series, with a wheel diameter of 83mm and a gear ration of 2.25:1. Thanks.

Range is increased by increasing watt hours. voltage x amp hours = watt hours So yes, increasing voltage or capacity will increase range.

if your esc can support the higher voltage, then yes. you’d get about 1/3 more range.

calculators are helpful. http://calc.esk8.today/

@saul brought up a very important point.

So what ESC are you running? If it’s a vesc, you will need limit the erpm so that you don’t fry the drv chip. It sounds like your planing to replace your 2 3s lipos with 2 4s lipos. If your just wanting more range and not speed, a better option would be to get 2 6s lipos and put them in parallel. That would double you range and reduce voltage sag. 6s Lipos are very common and you can get good deals on them.

Yeah it’s a vesc, what would I want to limit the erpm down to?

max erpm 60000 min erpm -60000