Hilly range estimate

Hi, Im planning to build an emtboard with: Alien 6384 200KV 3500W dual 10s10p lipo 30000 mAh or more This is estimated to have a range about 50 km but i think it is on flat. I always loved camping and I live at beskydy which is so hilly. So how far it will go with me and gear? I am 90 kg plus max 20 kg backpack and board weight can be 15 kg plus with big battery. It is so high places where i want to ride and i want to ask u guys if i will climb hill at something like 10 kmh with that specs how far uphill u think it will go? Steep like 20-35% … and what about heat? Please come with some numbers guessed from your expirience. https://mapy.cz/s/24Qcn click on zobrazit vyskovy profil trasy Thanks for your time.

50km seems low to me… I would estimate around 35-40 miles (not sure what that is in km)

Well I’m not sure the Wh/per km for mountain boards but I just went with 20Wh/per km and you should get about 50km. Maybe someone with a few emtb could help with the Wh conversion

Yeah but how many times it is decreased when u going uphill with spec i said?

Well I don’t really know, it depends how big and long the hills are. I’m not the best person to ask as I don’t have a emtb and there aren’t any hills where I live. Sorry

Hills kill range. I live in the hills of San Francisco, and almost everywhere I go is up or down something you’d normally not want to walk up (besides GGP). I get 5 miles on a 12s4p li-ion, partly becuase I ride about 25 mph most of the time, and partly becuase hills affect the power you need. To stay at 20 mph on flat ground for example takes me about 4 amps per motor (x4 motors). The same on a 10% grade hill will be 12 amps, and a 20% grade is almost 30 amps (per motor x4, again).

Hills change the game in terms of heat also. I have a lot motor overheating issues, due to hills, my weight (200 lb), and my aggressive riding style.

Take in to consideration how much stopping and starting you’ll be doing. For me, it’s a huge factor for at least 15-20 blocks in any direction for me (all of these are hilly blocks).

My advice, over engineer everything. Use multiple large motors, at high voltage, with a large pack. I think I could do 15 miles in my neck of the woods with a 12s10p pack. Hills are real…


Oh wow thanks bro! So that can be almost 9 times less range with fast ride uphill. With my weight maybe 10 times. I found one esc at alienpower which can control motor temp. Hopefully I can get something like 20 km range, charge it at rare public places free, visiting lookouts and then sleep at the woods. I will look at the map of SF to seat at your location better.

The VESC is capable of limiting motor temps (with @Ackmaniac’s firmware) . But the easiest way to save your motors is to buy a small turnigy laser thermometer from hobbyking. Works well, easy to use, very very small, and check it every so often until you know your motors can handle your route

The vesc is by far the best esc for electric skateboards at the moment. Not all vesc’s are equal either, so do your hw.

From my limited experience with super steep hills i can say it can take about 3x times more energy to go at average speed (not max)…

Though dual is a most in your case (to shed heat and have better brakes)

Dunno how much you might need when going downhill as usually u can.just.cruise down without using any power at least. I suspect someone on the electric vehicle forum endless sphere could answer this tricky “energy math” question

I found lastest vesc 6.4 just at trampa boards for crazy price even their parts… It is seems to be better to buy their board but i doubting about their motors if it is strong enought … they says it is top quality … I have problem just with this because other parts should be crazy light weight which is good. So:

  1. Do u think motor will be strong enought for climbing with 130 kg and be geared for at least 50 as well? http://www.trampaboards.com/electronic-motors-c-532.html
  2. Is 50 kmh rideable at mtb? I rided 70kmh on longboard and it is pretty safe if u have centroid under front truck. But i never rided mtb and it seems to be imposible to stand on front truck so is there any wobbling?

Lots of wobbling on my Trampa at 50kph. The right dampas and spring tension settings will help but they seem inherently less stable than regular longboards

Never ridden a trampa board actually, so not really sure. I’m more into the tradition wood decks. I like a bit of flex, but those things are too flexy for me.

I think… if u have your front leg much on the front how is it possible and maybe bit more parallel with riding direction, then turn your back foot strap parallel with front or find a way how to strap just a peak of back foot with rotary function. Then u can bend body to front easily like at downhill longboarding. I trust if there is a way how to increase your speed, it is in bend body forward, but is seems to be hard with straps like at snowboard. Best way how to try it is remove straps I think. Then it will be more natural after some rides which will make it more expirienced and how to place a straps to make some sence in flat and offroad as well. If u dont want to make a lot of jump tricks and have it just for adrenaline faster travel then try it without straps for extend your look. Another think can be kneel with rear leg close to front foot and hold board with one hand. It will reduce air brake and give u advantage with fast braking because u will lower centroid much as u can without constantly crouching. Like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3sfcn2pZU4&t=75s or here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJpksAS-430&t=14s. It is noob but will extend your positioning advantages. Not rideable in terain but I think your 50 wasnt been at bumpy terrain. It is just what i have in my mind, u said me it is wobbling so there can be similarities with longboard. I do not want to doubt about anybodys skills and be unpolite if u are skilled rider, just saing what is in my mind and what i want to try if there will be problem with wobbling in strait asphalt travels. Con is you can lose back truck traction dramatically.

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Im near 50mph(80kph) on my wood deck with zero wobbles so I definitely feel like its a function of the deck and trucks as opposed to riding technique. Im 6’2" so I already have my feet as far aprt and forward as possible and I dont have straps on the trampa Im referring too. The decks are super flexible and high off the ground. All really flexible decks seem to wobble prone above 50kph from experience.

This is me testing topspeed last week on a wood deck.

Nice! It is so cool to have a board which can hit that speed. I am at the Christchurch now, flat city. Here i have this deck http://i.imgur.com/av3z7VD.jpg. I wanted to ride a lot of downhill at NZ but once when u are at some good spots, asphalt is actually not good enought. I want to convert that board to electric one and I hope it will hit 70 kph for flat riding. There is speed limit from 50 to 60 kph so hope I will have some nice night riding in traffic.

this is with 70mm wheels and I want to keep them if it will be possible, maybe KEGEL ORANGATANG if I will have problems with drilling pulley holes or keeping space for motors.

Actually Im thinking about: Diyelectric 2x 6355 260KV 15/36 70mm 12s which I can take to plane after and some vesc but I dont know if 4. is good enough and I havent find version 6+ cheaper than at trampa from UK.

MTB i wanted to make since i will renturn to Czech. Do u have some tips? Your hubs seems to be really really good I have to look at that too. I still have enough time before I will make some money so it is still open.

And … i thinked about placing motors to front or at least try to switch trucks once.

If you want power and speed i suggest skipling strait to dual 6374 build and some kinda belt setup with an idler pulley. Otherwise the belts skip during hard takeoff amd braking. Youll need a beast battery too. I suggest @longhairedboy 12S5P pack thats good for 100A.

I like your deck btw too!

I’d like to translate into USA numbers …

You + equip backpack = 242 pounds (board adds another 33 pounds) Hills = 25%-35% incline (I’d call that steep, sort of Seattle, or San Francisco) Question: Can ALIEN 3500W Dual do this at 6 MPH or more of speed? You also ask about heat. Are your trucks heat sink capable, some brands are. … Great question! I hope more replies come in. I like torque posts!