Hobby King discount

This probably is not news to most of you on here, but I recently figured this out. When on the Hobbyking website, if you click on whatever product you are interested and stay on its page for a while, they frequently will pop a little discount box on screen. The discount is usually good for a few bucks off your purchase. Then click add to cart and enjoy.

haha. yeah pretty sure everyone who has shopped at HK knows that old chestnut.

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And if you are platin member (after 9 Orders i think) you will always get the discount without waiting :wink:

I figure I would put it out there for others. Seeing the popularity of this sport, it will do others good at some point.

But does everyone know about this other nut too? Even better Hobby King deals to be had.


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awesome. thanks for this

No problemo. It’s all part of the Buddy Code. :wink: