Hobbyking esc programming

Hello, I finally went cheap and got a Turnigy dlux 60A HV Brushless ESC w/8A SBEC and Data Logging (2s~8s), instead of a vesc. Maybe in the future I will update, but for now it’s impossible. Is it possible to pragram it with a servo tester? I don’t have a programming box. I’ve read that you can program these escs with a transmitter. The problem is that, I don’t have one, since this esc is for an ebike build, cheers.

The HK VESC is only $20 more, lower than the cost of a ESC programming card…they are made for what you are doing…

I didn’t know that, but I already bought the esc, so…any help would be appreciated.

In the manual it should have directions for programming the esc with the throttle input of a simple rx or ppm remote, any rc car or airplane remote would work for programming it this way. It’s typically a complex series of listen for the right option (through tones) and changing the throttle to navigate the menu and choose options. I’ve done it a few times with smaller airplane esc’s and to be honest it’s a pain and easy to screw up badly…funny story, I actually messed one up that way in a RC flying wing and it played “Old Susana” each and every time I plugged it in from then on…I guess some of them even have startup songs you can enable, lol…I got more than a few laughs from that one, each time I flew it…

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Hey mate it is definitely possible to do, you will just have to fiddle around with it a little bit before you figure out exactly how it works. I would suggest plugging everything in first without programming it and see which end of the tester is full throttle and which is brake. Once you know that you can just program it as you normally would with a remote. Good luck

So if I find an rc car remote and follow the instructions in the manual, I can do the same thing (without the suzana song)? Any remote is compatible? Do I have to look for frequency? pat.speed, so I can program it with a servo tester?

Yes you should be able to, if you already have the items you might as well give it a go and if it doesn’t work then buy a remote.

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@pat.speed thank you for the tips! I only need the batteries and i’m good to go. I have to program it because I don’t need the brake and I want a soft start. If it doesn’t work with the servo tester, I will use a transmitter. I just have to buy one with the same frequency as the esc?

Nope I don’t think the frequency matters although most people around here use 2.4ghz. The Gt2b is a common and good quality remote, hobbykings sells it for a reasonable price

I can find a remote easily. If I would have to buy one, I would buy a program box instead. I guess I’ll have to connect everything together first and if needed try to program the esc. After reading the instructions, I’ll have to be very careful with the bips and learn exactly what I want to change and how.

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Hello! A quick search on HobbyKing for VESC turns up nothing… Do you know where I could find it?

Search for skateboard on HobbyKing

Hmm, this doesn’t have any VESC, only a few ESC and whole kits. (AND I’m still bitter their mounts are on back order…)

The 50a electric conversion esc is a vesc. I see two on the list, both out stock. They are sought after Like the mounts.

OOOOh, I should have read into their specifics. Do you happen to know (or know where I could find) when they will be back in stock? and thank you again

Not yet, I’ll ask though

I just got off the chat with HK and they say that they refresh parts every 30 days, but I’m not sure if that is just for the parts ‘on backorder’ like the motor mount, or if that applies to things ‘sold out’ like the sk8-esc.