Hobbyking not shipping LiPos to Germany?

Hey all,

currently I’m trying to order the batteries for my first electric skateboard from hobbyking. Unfortunately they don’t seem to ship LiPos to Germany at all. Everytime I try, I end up with the following message:

Unable to ship this parcel to your country due to size/weight.

I started with 2x 20000mAh 4s1p and tried my way down to 1x 8000mAh 4s1p, with the same result everytime… (also selected different warehouses)

I would order from a store based in Germany (or Europe) but all i could find so far was crazy expensive (at least 3 times more than the ones from hobbyking)

Can someone explain what is going on or recommend another store?

Thanks in advance!


I had an error one time where it said the same thing. It was due to an error in my shipping address. Maybe just double check it. Are you using the European Warehouse?

Hi, had the same problem. It is due to a regulation. I had to buy 2 x 3s batteries instead of a 6s one. You could buy 2s batteries and put them in series.

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Wel if u really need them u can ship them to me and il ship them to u I live in nl

I had the same thing! I’m from EU and i’ve tried to order from international warehouse- they not sending even remote gt2b because there is battery. So don’t use international warehouse for batteries. Use EU warehouse and there will be no problems, i ordered 2x 4s1p 8000 mah, and received them with no problems:)

All i can tell is that i orderd 2 3s zippys 8000mah from International Warehouse to Germany and it worked without a problem

i can order any ting i am in nl

Thanks for your ideas. It seems that Hobbyking had a major update of their website a few days ago. After that, the 20000mAh batteries disappeared completely but is was able to order a pack of 16000mAh batteries.

So wish me luck they will arrive soon :slight_smile:

good luck whit ur board man