HobbyWing Max 6 ESC Fan

Is it safe if i removed the fans to make them silent? Im Worried if they would overhear or not? I Currently have a mtb setup so they are top mounted and not in any kind of enclosure so they get good air circulation

A while ago i was thinking about this myself, did a bit of diggin on other sites i could only find RC enthusiasts taking the fans off at 6s but they had no problems. I suppose if its a hot day/night and you go hard you may have problems at 8s tho…

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Im currently running 8s but that been said we dont usually get hot weather here (UK), although right now we kinda are in a 24°C heatwave so once the weather gets back to normal i may give it a try lol.

I’m in the UK too, southeast coast and it’s muggy AF ATM…

I’m guessing the Max6 has a overheat cutoff as i have never seen or heard of any fires/heat deaths, i think i’m going to use them on my Emtb build because they’re so bulletproof. “still :thinking:about the Escapes on 10s”

Oh and if you do a hard no fans ride test make sure its on soft ground bro just in case things go south, and share results :wink:

Your right, They do have a overheat cutoff protection system , As you said these things are near enough bulletproof lol,