Hobbywing Quicrun vs VESC

I bought a Hobbywing QUICRUN-WP-8BL150 Waterproof 150A Brushless ESC For 1/8 RC Car Buggy without knowing there was the VESC, is there any reason for me to return the Quicrun and spend the extra $?

Oh man. This thread is gonna be a lot of fun lol.

I bought that esc used from a friend of mine on this forum. Put it on a friends single drive 6s board. Works fine but you’ll need a programming card. It makes a weird train horn sound when you brake but if you turn the brakes to 100 percent it’s fine.

Just spend the extra 20-50 bucks for a VESC it’s worth the money. That is if you’re only between those two esc’s. I use TB’s 12s esc for ease of use

I’d keep it. It is much easier to setup than the vesc. It can only handle 6s though. So 245kv would be a good motor and two 3s lipos in series.

Thats good, because the motor I am using is 254kv and I have 2 3s in series. Thanks!

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I have a FVT 120a esc. I didnt want to get a VESC because there are so many topics on the forum about them and how to fix them, and lots of people saying therse dosnt work anymore. I never understood the advantages of a vesc over a FVT with programming card

DON’T BUY THIS. Will burn out your motor and then refuse to turn on.