Holloween rides

Hey guys me and the Miami esk8 crew are going to have a Holloween ride tomorrow night at South Beach we’re all going dressed up.

Is there anyone doing the same tomorrow? I’ll post pics and video of the ride once it’s done please do the same guys :slight_smile:


what are you going as?


I’m going as Darth Vader, I even have a bad ass red light saber. I’m thinking of changing my set up from FOC to Sensored BLDC so I can get that star wars noise in haha


Still running the sk3’s? I can not get enough of that scream

Never had sk3 I’ll be riding my Evolve build with TB6355s

I’m getting old and confusing people with other people. Could’ve sworn you ran sk3 or used to. My bad.

Haha all good, I know they are good but never had them.

I have 1 pair of Enertion 6355s 1 pair of TB 6355 3 pairs of TB6374s 1 pair of Raptor 2 motors (8mm axle version)

That’s everything I own atm I’m always up for more I’ve been eyeing those 6380s lol


Think you asked me about them in the past and thats where the confusion came from. Either that or I’m just losing it. Yeah those 6380 are mint. Chrome finish too…shiny

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Anyone in SF Area wanna go dressed up?



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