Holly Molly Robin.... Aluminum 4x4 All-Terrain!

Fragmentary information about this amazing Aluminum build from Thích N. C. in Vietnam. He built this from scratch in two months!

Apparently he has access to CNC and industrial water jet cutting. Hub motors and active all-aluminum suspension (with carrying handles at both ends included), hexagonal aluminum etched deck with air strut swiveling control and complimentary engraved neon lights; Lexan (plexiglass) on the bottom to protect the electronic carnival, digital voltmeter LCD screen and rubber tires. Bar have been raised again boys!


I will never understand people that can build such a monster and then not even get a 3D printed GT2B mod


oooohhhhh. It’s too heavy to be carried in arms.

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crazy ride! it looks cool, complex as hell awesome engineering/manufacturing skills

thing is a maple deck with rkp trucks, thane bushings/wheels can do 100 dh…

it does look cool but I am not sure it solves any existing engineering problems?


Come on, man, he is un Vietnam! Is already incredible he made this in such a country with their limited resources at hand. And don’t be deceived by the apparent metal looks, the board maybe lighter than most think.

It solved his problems, dont you think?

Monster was not meant to be negative but positive. It is an incredible amount of work and really impressive - I just don’t understand how one can go through all that trouble of building something like this and then not feel the need to also go all out on the remote.

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Engineers are not well known to be good designers. They could be great in certain areas and totally lame in others. Where I come from we are a more advanced country than Vietnam, but you can hardly find a 3D printer, a technology which is almost non-existent in muy home country, now imagine how is in Vietnam.

Its a beast! It looks like the base plate for something out of robot wars!! Stick a hammering pick axe on the front and fire shooting out the back with a self righting mechanism…and it’s ready to fight!


Dude u seem to have it out for Vietnam they do have cnc machines and tools and are a very industrious ppl (sweeping generalisation) it’s cool don’t care were he’s from

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do you know how fast it goes @pixelsilva , how it handles? video would be cool!

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Looks pretty cool! If it rides like this it was worth it.


i may be mistaken but those are hub motor/wheels from hoverboards.

highest wattage I’ve seen is 350w, so a quad drive like that is stopped at 1600w max.

not sure what that would translate in terms of top speed and hill climbing abilities but I’m guessing not much.

it is beautiful though


Not much mountains in coastal Vietnam. So I think this is mostly a local urban assault vehicle. Should have decent range.

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1600 W / 50v = 32 amps max across 4 motors. Not very much at all… that’s only 8 amps per motor…

It’s cool idea and board, but I wouldn’t say “the bar has been raised again”, with only 8 amps per motor. I run 30 amps per motor (1500 watts), for 120 amps total (6000 watts). This will ride similar to a koowheel in performance.

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I do like his remote with telemetry though… some of them have cool features, live data feed, ability to load new settings on the fly…

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Those are definitely the motors/wheels from un-hoverboards. Would be interested if you make the left and right turn in different directions. It would be one cool 360 turn

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Lots of water poisoning