Holypro 35 Assembly?

Hey guys I received my holypro 35 yesterday and I have a few questions on how to put it together. The assembly instructions from trampaboards are ambiguous at best. The online assembly instructions state that I should use 8x M5 shoulder bolts to attach the trucks. I however have what appears to be 4x M5 shoulder bolts and then 4x M6 non-shoulder bolts. In addition I have for O-rings with my package but I have no idea what they are rings are for.can someone please help me out. Thanks in advance for your help.20181019_101224_002



Oh and I’m missing 8x locknut for my straps. Here’s a better picture.

The black rings coming on your hanger between the spacer and the outer bearing. Use the 8xm5 bolts with nuts to fix your truck to the board

The m6 are for your straps. Yeah looks like they missed to sent the nuts too.

I don’t have 8x M5 bolts only 4 each. I have 4 each M6 and 4 each M5. I figured out that M5 shoulder bolts are for hanger towards middle of board and M6 are for outboard of hanger.

I have 8x recessed head M6’s. Please see picture above. 4 each M6 non shoulder bolts 4 each M5 shoulder bolts.

image image

I used m6 bolts with flat head for the place you can use the m6 with the six corner head Sorry I don’t know the correct English word for it. The 8 m6 bolts with the flat head definitely for your straps.

I hope you understood, i‘m no Picasso thou :sweat_smile:


Thanks I have the board put together now. You were extremely helpful.

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Not sure if that the correct spot for the O ring. Only place I’ve found note of where they belong on the Trampa website is in the assembly instructions for the mountainboard motor mounts. See pic and link to manual below. Step 6 on last page of manual covers it.


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It’s funny that most people don’t know what to do with this “black rings” :laughing:

@Andy87 your wheels must rattle. As @xclr8r mentioned that’s the wrong position.

Just for clarification. A Superstar hub needs a 17.8mm spacer between the inner races of the bearings and a Hypa hub 18.2mm. Due to manufacturing tolerances the thickness of the needed spacer can vary a bit.

That’s why Trampa switched to 16.5mm spacer + 2mm O-rings last year to prevent rattling. You slide the wheel on the axle without outer bearing, then add the 16.5mm spacer and the O-ring (needs long nails :sweat_smile:). Finally you insert the outer bearing.

Personally I don’t use this combination because it’s hard to say when it’s enough tightened. If you tighten too much the O-ring gets squeezed or break and changing wheels is a nightmare. I use 17.8mm spacer and also filed down 18.2mm spacers to desired length.


Thx for clearing this up. I was sure it’s mounted on the outside :sweat_smile: Nothing ratteling on mine. Honestly I even don’t use the spacer at all. I didn’t understood the use of them. They should support the inner ring from the bearing? I tighten my wheels just that they can spin free without a play. They get hold by the outer ring in the hub. Isn’t it enough? But looks like i need to add the spacer too :thinking:

Yes the outer races of the bearing are hold by the hub, the bearing spacer prevents e.g if you overtighten the axle nut that you don’t squeeze the inner races. Also everything is one unity without gaps and stronger. AFAIK MBS doesn’t use spacer at all so it’s not a must but the bearings should last longer with bearing spacers.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYzSaIYrbMw O Rings…