Homemade 107mm hub motors $150US you pay shipping

Well, have decided to sell the hub motors I made a few years back.

Build thread here https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-heavyweight-custom-deck-roja-hybrid-trucks-sk3-6374-149kv-custom-hub-motors-10s3p-vesc/103/4

Am likely not going to be putting these to use anytime soon, so someone may as well use em.

You can see how they were built up in the thread, the one thing not mentioned on the thread, as far as my memory serves me, is that am using side load bearings so that a bit of clamping pressure can be used to tighten everything up.

Pros -cheap -relatively easy to rebuild with some mechanical knowledge -two 107 flywheels included

Cons -untested -must use roja hybrid trucks (awesome trucks!) -no warrantee or money back

Only thing that would concern me with these, is the potting epoxy used. Don’t think it will have the effect planned, and will likely get hot inside under hard use. But, maybe not.

The price reflects the risk being taken by the buyer.

Located in Canada.


I know this is I bit off topic, but do you happen to be interested in selling the trailer hitch that you made? I 3d printed one of my own design, but it failed due to vibrations

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Sure, let me have a look for it. You want both ends? G-bomb bracket end and the baseplate mount end.


Yes, both ends.

So these are still wound in delta at 149kv? Hmm, wonder how hard it would be to disassemble and configure it to WYE at 85kv.

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Pmed you ten char

If we can get the shipping to the EU I’ll take em, just read the thread and amazed

Woulda loved the hitch too for a chariot but hey



I hope I got there first…man I love hub motors

I’ll take them @Wanderer!!

(PM already sent)

Hi @Wanderer I guess you get to choose your buyer :joy:

Anyway a very detailed build thread and I do understand that you are not including any truck or truck part.

Being serious, I did go to the trouble of checking out Roja trucks made by Braden Boards, they are a quiky yet facinating option and probably a must for this application, they are sold out of the 184mm and 174mm options, only the 165mm option is in stock, I guess wheelbite may be a problem on 164mm, given your deck and g-bomb mounts not a problem in your application http://www.bradenboards.com/shop/#!/Rojas-Hybrids-165mm/p/34929949/category=8944070

Is running without the welded bolster an option or whomever ends up with the goodies must get a flange welded on per your pic Explore naturesbrew

I’ll bet you could have taken $500 for the deck/trucks/g-bombs/motors as a packge no problem

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Well ATLesk8 you were the first to reply and pm me, so they are yours if you want them.

To answer Banjaxxed questions The hanger with hub mounts welded on is included with the hubs being sold, but not the base of the truck. Ordered just 1 single hanger from braden, so that I could switch from regular longboard to electric. You could probably contact them and order the base and bearings needed to complete the set up, otherwise just order two trucks and keep one hanger as a spare.

This is a 184 hanger.

And yes the g-bomb brackets make it perfect. The carving on my set up with g-bombs, the roja hybrids and 107 flywheels is insane.

Still use my unelectrified longboard, so will not consider selling as a package :stuck_out_tongue:


I most certainly definitely want them and I can’t wait…thanks for the reply. I have the perfect set up for them. I’m going to go ahead and order a set of the Roja trucks…I’m super pumped…thank you @Wanderer

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