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HOMEMADE enertion board | Single Drive | VESC | SPACE CELL | CF Deck

Hi guys, this is my build. Almost the same as complete build from enertion website. I build it myself as I want to learn and gain experience how to DIY esk8. Apologise if too many pictures. Guys, could someone help me on how to turn my single into dual drive? How to cramp another VESC in the space I have left? And how to do all the wiring connections needed for dual drive?

@onloop, may I know what is the size of the heat shrink that u apply to latest VESC? I want to buy and do the same thing to my previous VESC.

Thank you and merry xmas :smile:


Nice work @NIK ! I suggest putting some heat-shrink on the bullet connectors to cover the exposed wire, and make sure you don’t short the VESC capacitors with the servo leads.It’s also common to heat shrink the whole VESC to limit the risk of shorts.


awesome skate porn! nice pics and I’m looking forward to seeing this board completed. :slight_smile:

Cool build thread!.. you should come work with me :smile:
Be super careful of the VESC without any protective coverings. Also i suggest soldering the 5.5mm bullet connectors directly to the VESC.

ALSO, put thread lock on all fixtures!.. actually don’t put any on the CF lid screws

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Looks great!

Haha as everyone before me said, heat shrink and thread lock are your friends :smile:

What did you drill out of the wheel?

Noob question incoming…

Are the CF lid screws the ones that connect the clamp for the calibers and the cf motor mount?

The screws that give you access into the components enclosure… don’t put thread locker on them…

The 3 scews/bolts with big flat heads that join the carbon fiber motor mount plate onto the aluminium clamp don’t need thread locker either, they have a nylock nut, they don’t seem to come loose~!

Ok. Thanks onloop! Also, why do you put thread locker on top of the bolts that go into the pulley? Wouldn’t you put them on the bolts threads then screw it in the wheel pulley?

@Blasto I use 6mm drill bit as to fit in the bolt/screws. I drill both rear wheels to make it dual drive in the future.

Does anyone has wiring diagram for dual drive? Kinda excited to finish the build before xmas. I should call this board. The ho hos santa. But nvm. :smile:

What batteries do you use in the space cell @onloop ? LG HE-2?