Homemade ESK8 Deck

Hello, I am a high school student who had previously built an electric longboard, its performance had been pretty acceptable so far; however, I have caught the bug and wanted more out of the board. Its specs are an Sk3 6055, Vesc 4.01, Torque board 180mm trucks, 12s 3p batt, and an old deck had built.board board2

I have since wanted to build a carving board, my current board was stiff and had started to get speed wobbles due to the narrow trucks. I have been modeling a LaCroix deck because I don’t have enough to spend 600 on deck and enclosure, so I am going to make my own. I will make it out of fiberglass and maple or birch (10ply). Here is the model I have come up with so far.Board1

I do notice that the tips are a little bit convex but I will improve that in a revision of the board. The specs I am thinking about for the board are either torque board 218mm trucks (I already have the proper motor mount) or some SurfRodz with adjustable hangar, same motor mount, motor, and vesc, but add another motor, motor mount and vesc, same battery and a fiberglass or carbon fiber enclosure. I would really like to know, with the battery it is a hard pack so I will have to take it apart and modify the casing and pack so it will have some flex for a little bit of carving. Also at my school, I have access to an X-Carve, so I can make reverse motor mounts (mainly for looks). Does anyone have any suggestions to change about the parts list or any pointers on the trucks?


Those aren’t gonna work on a deck this style unless you have some adjustable baseplates from @rey8801


The ends of the board are waaaaay to angled for anything except channel trucks. You will be looking for high dollar custom angled risers to fix the angle. Rkp trucks at those angles will be suicidal

I had been thinking of going a route that City Slicker https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/city-slicker-lacroix-deck-and-enclosure-10s6p-charge-only-dual-focboxes-surfrodz-trucks-psychotiller-200kv-powerplants-18-40-on-moestooge-street-wheels/65275?page=4 Had gone, to use some angled risers or a modular hanger like he did. I also have access to a 3D printer so I could design some angled risers for the trucks.

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The angle of the tips are 30 degree, just like Trampa and LaCroix. I could fit a 30 degree riser pad on there, I could always 3D print that.

On the city slicker build @Sender used adjustable baseplates made by surfrodz to run his rkp and currently they are not making those baseplates. You could do the printed riser to run them but to me they always looked silly. If you go with the surfrodz you will have to get a different motor mount for it anyway. Why not just eliminate those high angled nose and tail and and pull the cut outs in more so the board can accommodate any wheels you would like to use and would eliminate the need of that angled riser. You can have a board that use rkp trucks and has some camber.

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One reason I wanted to make a Mountainboards street carver is because I love the looks of them, they are so cool but also because I would like to have a deck with good clearance without being too high up but also to have the flex.

You would need channel trucks for a MTB and would want something like these

and you could put gummies on it.

I had been taking a look at those and had really liked them. I was wondering about the problem with MDS wheels exponentially wearing them down with vibrations? The fractures from the vibration didn’t look so good but they worked fine on other wheels, I wanted to run the Wheels because they seemed cool and some people loved them. I want to get them but I was thinking maybe after building my new board getting them or I could get a used pair when I build the board now. I am not sure, would I still need to buy an angled riser or because of the design would I not need that? Do you have any recommendations on wheels you personally like?