Hoping to built a fast ESK8 with no problem climbing hills

Hi Guys! I need help and tips for my built, especially on items. I live in Malaysia so shipping would be very costly for me so I hope to get all things right before all my purchase is done.

My current list:

Motor: Alien 6374 Outrunner brushless motor 240KV 3200W

Motor mount, wheels, etc: Single Motor Mechanical Kit by diyelectricskateboard

Speed controller: VESC BLDC Speed Controller by diyelectricskateboard

Controller: Alien Power System 2.4Ghz Electric skateboard Remote control

Battery: SPACE Cell pro ( can anyone confirm if this battery is compatible with my motor or not? i couldn’t find an answer.)

Do tell if there is any missing parts or things to improve. I’m seriously in doubt with the battery and motor, so some explanation there will be highly appreciated. Thanks Guys!

KV of your motor is too high for a 10s battery such as the SPACE Cell. Try to get a motor 200kv or less.

But the specs say the max volt is 10s, that’s why i opted for the space cell. :sweat_smile: Though, what Kv motor could you advise me on?

The problem is not the motor itself, it is the VESC. The Vesc cant handle more than 60000 ERPM(Voltagekv7) In your case, it would be (362407=60480)Slightly above with nominal voltage, but 70560ERPM on full charge.

I would recommend 190kv Something like this: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/

What @flatsp0t said. I use this one myself.


I get it now! I wasn’t aware of the limit the VESC had before this. Totally understand now. Thanks a lot! @flatsp0t and @Jinra. If there is anything else I need to know, do notify me. Really appreciate it!

I’m using 190kv with 10s and Vesc. Dual setup. Plenty of speed and hill climbing power yet very dependable and no overheating.

Are you in Europe or USA.

Europe Parts


USA Parts


@ajaynagra I’m in Asia :sweat_smile:

How about for single motor? Will it work as well as dual?

dual will always be better even if your just riding on flat ground because your dividing the load between 2 Vescs and 2 motors. So each is caring ½ the load that a single would. Also acceleration and braking is more efficient, balanced and stable.

But the cost would also be almost twice. :joy:

A single 6374 can handle hills but only if you carry enough speed into it.

If you have lots of steep hills you need dual, or to walk…but I use lipo, space cell output is a bit low. Seem fine for a single.

Shipping is an issue I don’t see why you want 3 vendors when 1 or two could do.

Well, 2 vendors offer free shipping according to the amount of my purchase. So it’s a slight win for me there. :grimacing:

I started with Lipos then switched to Li-ions with a BMS and now I’m using Lipos with a BMS. Pound for pound, Lipos have more power.

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Like @Namasaki said, if you need a lot of current ( which you will need for those hills ), Li-Ions are not an option ( you don’t want to pull more than 10A per cell even if they are rated for 20A ). Well, they might be an option, but you would have to do like 10S8P pack which would be HUUUGE. It’s just so much easier with LiPos for those high-power builds thanks to their small internal resistance and shape. You just have to be more careful working with them and properly balance-charge them.

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Thanks @Namasaki and @IDVert3X will bear those things in mind. Though I want something easy to charge and carry around. How much power does a motor take in though? I’ve read some people say that motors don’t even take up to 30A unless really inclined hills. Maybe I’m understanding things wrong here. :sweat_smile: Sorry.

Depends on your weight, hill grade, wind, speed… You can calculate how much power you need using complex physics formulas, but to keep things simple: it can draw much more than 30A climbing steep hills. Prob. max. power you will EVER need is ~3kW ( really steep hill, 95kg rider, high wind resistance … dont ask me how I calculated it ), which is about 70A at 12S. LiPo can do that without any problems, 4P Li-Ion will have terrible voltage sag and heat up fairly quickly. But that is really the worst case scenario. Most of the time, you should be under 15A on flats. I cant really provide you with exact number coz there are so many factors… Also, I have never built an eskate before, I’m planning my build for early 2017 when VESC 6 and other cool stuff will be out. I have just got quite some experience with electrical engineering, high-current devices, batteries, electric motors in general and so on.

If you want something easy to charge, just use BMS with balancing.

I see. Really nice input man! Thought of stalling my built too, but these things just excite me too much. Anyway, probably need to do a little more reading on LiPo now. Haha. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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If you really want high performance going up hill. Consider building a dual beltdrive system with 6355 190kv motors and a 10s Lipo battery system similar to the build I did with 300a continuous capability Voltage sag on 12% grade is only 1volt That’s with a 188lb rider.

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