Hoveboard battery to 10s4p


I have a question about the customized hoveboard-battery-pack which I would like to use in my electric skateboard.

As far as I’ve searched, hoveboard-battery-packs are 10s2p 4400mah (with a bms), I saw people who have changed it to the 10s4p and they seem to be satisfied with that.


  1. Beside working of those customized-packs, Is it actually safe?
  2. Isn’t each cell in 4-cell(4p) need to be balanced?
  3. What adapter is suitable for this customization?

I would appreciate your helps.


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watch this video.

You can get a ton of 10S pack for cheap from batteryclearinghouse.com

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Thanks, useful video, But it didn’t address my concerns.

More explanation:

The bms compares voltage of 10-sets of 4-cells with each other, okay?

What if in a single set, this happens:

cell 1: 3.2v
cell 2: Full
cell 3: Full
cell 4: Full

Three cells are fully charged, but in order to charge the “cell 1” other cells could be overcharged.

Isn’t this a safety issue? or am I getting this wrong?

That is exactly what a BMS is built for. Preventing that.