How are you guys soldering Lipo tabs?

Alu lipo tabs obviously can’t be soldered normally.

I’ve seen some alminium soldering flux on ebay from Poland that supposedly works. But is there a cheaper, more local (UK) solution?

Apparently different types of solder may do the trick?


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You should spot weld them, because you’re still applying a lot of heat right next to the battery when you solder. You can open up the cell itsself if the adhesive has time to heat, so use a really large soldering tip and crank it all the way up in heat.

I’ve used 91-9 Tin-zinc solder + Aluminum Solder flux (Reccomended by a teacher as a good combo), but I’m sure there are other combos that work - the flux is the important part.

I managed to find mine in Maplin, but they’ve closed down now and most maplins are too small to have it. If you check wickes they may have some, or a local hobby shop if you have one near to you. You can also find them online [ebay uk], just make sure to apply generously and be careful. If possible, find one with wires presoldered and splice the wires instead, a much simpler job.

I bolted the tabs together :P.

Works really well actually, the lipo cells I have had indents for bolts, I used short #6 machine screws and large fender washers.