How can I best flatten my Arduino circuit to fit underneath the board?

I have a working Arduino circuit, however, it’s pretty much all the components plugged into a breadboard right now. The component I highlighted in pink would be sticking quite a ways out from under the deck. I could rotate that piece, but it would be very unstable. I was wondering if any more experienced people know of components to rearrange or flatten these types of setups.

My deck:

the component in question:

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How about put it on it’s side? so it doesn’t stand up tall.

Take it off the breadboard, and attach the wires directly to the pins. You may also want an Arduino Nano, or another one without headers, as soldering wires lets you flatten the system (also stays together easily too)


I will try that then, thank you for the suggestion. Would the wires be susceptible to wiggling out due to the vibrations during riding? is that why soldering would be recommended here?

Yeah, those prototyping breadboards and jumper wires are only really meant for testing on the desk.

Once you have a working circuit: cut wire, solder and heat-shrink tubing will make it robust (and smaller too).