How can I charge 2 6s 16ah on 1 charger

Hello guys how can I charge 2 6s 16ah battery’s on one charger?? Please can anyone help me

Charge in parallel…

Yes I want to charge in parallel

Get a parallel connector. What plug are you using?

That doesn’t matter because I always can change that but I need a charger

There is no doubt you know how to make a thread. Now you can learn how to listen to people. If you push a little you can do it.

My connector is a xt90 it is a multistar pack, is that a good pack??

Mate just slow down. If you read around enough everyone of those questions will be answered very easily. And yes you can charge them both on one charger, just make sure they are at the same voltage when you connect them

You really need to learn to listen to the answers you get, and use the search tool…


Guys what do you guys mean with “learn to listen” ?? Am i intrusive because I only want to make a board and i’am super excited​:sweat_smile::blush:

We mean that your answers have already been answered, and there is no need to make more topics about it.

Ohh sorry but I don’t now exactly what al the message mean. Sorry guys