How can I check each cell on 18650 pack or dismember? Got a dying Space Cell

My Space Cell is dying fast and I need to check every cell or even each of the series packs is fine. Its progressively getting worse by the day. Either the cells are just dying for whatever reason or the BMS is failing, in turn not charging the cells properly.

If I can salvage some cells, I’ll probably just build a new one, but if using old cells with new ones is not a good idea, I’ll just buy a full set. Speaking of buying cells, when is the next group buy for some 18650s?

What do you mean by dying? Lower range?

Nothing should be dying yet tbh. Maybe you should check individual cell voltages. When did you get your battery?

I got it early august, but didn’t get to actually use it until a month later.

Here’s my first thread on my Space Cell issues:

I felt like I could get a clear answer with a new thread.

Now the range is absolutely abysmal. 15 minutes and hitting low voltage.

How can I go about checking each cell? Can I even do that with the pack still welded together?

If you need some specific help hit me up.

Also I’ll sell you some 25R’s for 4.25/cell brand new from Lion wholesale

Oooh that would be great. I’ll have to get in contact with you later today as I am about to get start work.

I’m also going to take it to a local battery shop and see what they say, but I’m not holding out any hope.

Alright bud! If you like you can send it to me, I do repairs for batteries at a pretty minimal cost. You can ask @guyguy :wink: lol

you could have one dud within a bunch in parallel holding your pack down and you’d never know. if it’s soldered together you’d have to unsolder it to find it.

I was initially reluctant to send it out to someone, because I don’t have a spare battery, but I have no other choice. I’ll have to find another one before I send it out.

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That’s what I thought too, but if I took the cells apart (they’re welded) I wouldn’t be able to put it back together since I don’t have a spot welder. Plus, I was afraid of shorting when cutting the nickel tabs.

Was it charged properly when you let it sit for a month?

If you break apart spot welds you have to re weld them. Or solder which most people don’t recommend.

Spot welding already welded cells is also harder.

I remember charging it and actually using it for a little bit, then the motor went bad. I initially thought it was the VESC so I ordered a new one and had to wait around a month for it.

For a while after getting the new VESC and motor, the Space Cell was working as it should have, but I think, maybe the reason it went bad is shock from the road and bad sidewalks with broken cracks, because the enclosure ended up breaking at two of the mounting points as my board has kind of a big concavity to it.

Yep, bara is legit - he revived a pack for me. He works fast, his work is clean, he uses high quality components in his repairs and he answered a bunch of my questions (battery assembly turns out to be a lot more complicated than I thought).