How can I choose my first electric skateboard? I need your recommend!

Hello! I am a newbie to the electric skateboard. I want to buy an electric skateboard for my daily commute to campus. I want a long distance eboard under $600. How about Meepo V5? Meepo is a well-known brand in esk8, maybe choosing a product with brand recognition will provide a better after-sales guarantee. Does anyone hear about Uditer Board? I heard Uditer from the YouTube ads when I was looking for electric skateboard reviews video on YouTube. I am attracted by the removable battery design of the Uditer S3. The max range of the Uditer board is 25 miles and S3 comes with 2 batteries. But Uditer boards sound like a new brand of electric skateboard? Is it a reliable brand to trust? I made some comparisons between Meepo Board and Uditer Board. Which brand should I choose? Do you have any other long distance electric skateboards to recommend?

Meepo V5:

  1. Range: 11 miles
  2. Top Speed: 28mph
  3. Deck: Canadian Maple
  4. Mortor: 1000watt
  5. 90mm wheels
  6. Price: $469
  7. One Battery

Uditer S3:

  1. Range: 25 miles
  2. Top Speed: 28mph
  3. Deck: Bamboo+Fiberglass
  4. Mortor: 1200watt
  5. Wheels: 90mm wheels
  6. Price: $399
  7. Two Removable Battery

I found Uditer has a removable handlebar, is it useful for beginners? Is there anyone who owes a Meepo V5 or Uditer S3? I want to hear your real opinion. Thanks so much!

You can’t go wrong with a meepo as your first board. But this is more DIY forum type. Do get the meepo though.

Don’t trust certain companies on that whole “range” thing. But I can say meepo is a bit more accurate.

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Thanks for letting me know that!

The meepo v5 is worse than the v4, but at your price range you are heading into zealot territory, I would just save up for a zealot s

I would NOT consider ANY store bought board, for commute. I would either build one for longevity, or, buy one of the hotshots boards on esk8news. And certainly not urethane.