How can I give back to the community?

Hi, I’m a noob. I have no degree or much knowledge on much of this, and I want to give back. I feel I just ask questions for my own gain and don’t give back to others threads, because I legitimately don’t know how how to fix their problem. How do you think people like me can give back to the community?


See the latest posts and answer it man

He just said he does not know the answers to most problems so that is not a good idea. It is better to have no answer than an uninformed one (just look at me this morning woth @DeVolve :wink: I should have just stayed quiet and inform myself)

All you can do is try to read up and post something when you feel like you can give a correct answer. I guess it will also help us all if you buy stuff from forum members instead of just from china to save a buck. Also goving feedback on products with maybe ideas on how to improve helps the sellers and gets us all better products in the end.

Other than that: sit back, relax and enjoy the ride :smiley:


Oh, I don’t read that, sorry

Like @Maxid said, study the forum, look, I have more than 1 day of reading time, and this little compared to other guys, just study man

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Here is lots of people who don’t know much, so don’t worry. I do read thru new comments of this forum few times a day and sometimes give some tips and advises to new members with basic questions. And for example when somebody ask something about vesc i don’t comment, but i do read everything and study new things.

I think it was August of 2016 when I discovered diy esk8s. I knew nothing about motors, longboards, batteries, electronics and so on. I didn’t know what parallel and series meant, I didn’t know what kv was, or what that 6374 on the name of a motor standed for. Literally nothing. Then, I just read a LOT, as you can see. Posted a little, but studied a lot. Tried to get the best parts for me, at the lowest cost. Now I can tell just by reading the title of a build log what it’s going to be like: speed, torque, reliability, price. Now I can help the ones who were just like me, less then a year ago. That’s how you give back to the community


Even little things like posting pictures of your current build can be helpful and inspiring to others. I love checking out other peoples’ builds! :slight_smile:

Help out by getting more people interested. Form a group in your city. Start group rides.


I second what @Michaelinvegas said.

Ride safe, Ride Smart, Ride Considerately, if people show an interest then chat to them.

Send them here and let the others answer their questions.

Actually that poses a good question. Anyone know if there are forum stickers available?

Build a board and share your experience. There are tons of helpful people on here that were once in the same position you are in.

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