How can I make board smoother?


I’m Trying to make my board smoother, as the road condition in Toronto is terrifyingly bad, enough to break things.

And also I often ride on side walk, cuz of crazy drivers here.

So I upgraded few parts, Avenue truck for Front, couple shock pads.

And Even this hurt my knees and feet after 30min ride.

And soon to be buying abec11 97 75a.

I’m also thinking about buying bamboo deck and I’m not sure if this actually will helps,

Anyone has experience?

And this is additional Question but, is evolve’s gulwing stable @ high speed? I think those will be very twitch even with tight bushings.


Switch to pneumatic wheels?


I was Thinking that, but too expensive, have to get new belts, too high, no kicktail, and heavy for single motor. But thanks

You could try MBS Longboard wheels heard there good for light off roading may be better for sidewalks as well.

The only way to make the ride that much softer is pneumatics. Now that I am riding them I have no freakin clue how I ever rode thanes.


Thanksbut I want softer Thane, one I have 80a and it’s pretty harsh :cry:

Oh I wish, I’m ganna buy evolve gen4, When I have money I mean :cry: But Thanks for suggest

The bigger wheels will make a big difference by themselves. I wasn’t sure about this either I also have a smaller board with a kick tail so going too big is out of the question unless I change boards again. I went with some ultra cheap 90mm ones I found on Amazon:

I figure for the price if they decompose in 6 months or something it’s not really a problem (no-name brand as far as I know).

I went from some 83mm to these and seems a big improvement in ride quality on crappy roads or when going over gravel. If you had lots of gravel roads not just some construction then you need pneumatics I think but the bigger diameter itself will make a difference. One thing to beware of is you’re going to have the wheel closer to the motor pulley now and there is less clearance between the board and wheels so if you don’t already have some .5" risers or bigger that’s probably a good idea to avoid any wheel bite when you lean hard.

Genuine Abec11 75a 90mm or 97mm would help. Also soft risers. But if your roads are super rough, then nothing short of pneumatics is going to do it.

I would not recommend a bamboo deck for high speed. Sidewinder trucks like the ones evolve uses are not recommended for high speed either.

i hav 97mm 80a clone as well. not this cheap but it holds really well. it did chipd but nothing major. I assume mine is not actually 80a but higher cuz it is really hard close to 85a i think. thanks for suggestion let me know how it works!

Thanks. Can u elaborate more on bamboo? does it get twitch in high speed?

it’s just too flexy. You need a stiff board for high speed. You never see downhillers using bamboo decks. Then again, I can’t imagine doing high speed on such rough roads anyway. Maybe in your case, a bamboo deck and soft wheels and just keep your speed under 20mph Clones are not as soft as genuine Abec11’s

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I do occasional high speed, I’m ganna get the wheel first and think about it

I was worries about that myself when I first got my 6 shooters, and I still live em, but Thane is too much fun to abandon. So I built yet another deck :grinning:.


The roads here are just to bad for thanes.

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I can dig that, we have spots with bad roads but some with fresh asphalt that are great with my new 97mm Flywheels.

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Mbs 100mm wheels are only good if it’s dry there is less contact where as abec flywheels have more contact with the ground and I find them better in rough ground and then there’s the price abec 97 are 100 e or so and mbs are 65 e I have a set of each and like them abec for damp weather and mbs for the dry

so I bought abec11.

and this makes it def smoother. but I can still feel the cracks. it may get better as wear in. is it worth 120? kinda. its more gippy so turns better give u more control. the color still the worst part


Hahaha, thumbs up for that comment. That’s the only reason keeping me from purchase. Well green is OK-ish but with orange? Bleh. Shame because there is no alternative but they are genuinely good (best, really).

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Don’t underestimate shoes! I’ve been wearing Nike SB’s and like vans and other skate shoes the vibration from rough roads is enough to make your feet go numb after a long ride. Now I’ve started to use some Nike running shoes with a thick foam sole. It absorbs so much vibration it make the board feel like a cloud, another plus is the mesh top that lets air in as you ride, cooling your feet. The only downside I see is the lack of abrasion protection.

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